The KARAS Experience

KARAS is derived from the Greek name Charis, meaning great charm and grace. The name also suggests health and spirituality while being versatile, idealistic and intuitive.

The name is also symbolic of one that seeks freedom, the opportunity to enjoy life, go places and do things. KARAS is adventurous and willing to take risks. New ways and new experiences are required to satisfy this restless nature. KARAS is known to be honest and fair, respect personal growth and not be tied down by tradition. KARAS thrives on creativity and originality.

These elements are the foundation of the KARAS brand and the driving force behind every decision impacting the guest and employee experience.

Our hotels offer:

  • An authentic experience that nurtures travelers desires to enjoy a true taste of the local culture. The reinvented design of every KARAS Hotel is influenced by its locale and the community that it serves.
  • Stylish, imaginative, distinctive and design centric spaces that encourage the social and work aspects of travel. Spaces are inviting and foster connectivity, collaboration and conversation.
  • A captivating and seductive sleep environment with a residential aesthetic, soothing color palettes, adjustable lighting and high quality sound systems.
  • A distinctive and curated experience utilizing a knowledgeable concierge team, relevant guest profiles and pre-arrival requests and an experience driven staff trained to address the needs of KARAS guests.
  • State of the art and easy to use technology for guests. This includes extensive entertainment options, digital concierge services, online check in and keyless entry.